Step 1: Many Templates to
Step 1: Many Templates to Choose From

Choose what type of AR application you want to create using templates - AR Photo, Treasure Hunt, Greeting Cards or any other Blank based on existing ARgenie features.

Step 2: No Programming Skills Simple
Step 2: No Programming Skills Simple Drag&Drop

Use simple Drag&Drop to choose 2D, 3D model or any image as your AR content. Specify the marker you want to use to trigger your AR application.

Step 3: Immerse yourself into
Step 3: Immerse yourself into Augmented Reality

Use your mobile AR application through ARgenie and augment the world with new content such as 2D, 3D models, text etc.

Branded Standalone
Branded Standalone Application

… or order custom made, branded, stand alone AR application which will meet your specific criteria

Use ARgenie to make your own application

ARgenie is a web browser on-line tool which enables RAPID and SIMPLE creation and deployment of AR applications using 'drag&drop' concept which does not require programming skills. It is a cross-platform cloud-based service for building AR powered smartphone, tablet or desktop applications. The solution enables application execution on any desired platform: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

or order your specific application

If you need to develop a specific and branded AR application which is not provided by ARgenie please contact

Furthermore, the solution will enable simple application deployment on local devices supported within the ARgenie platform and on popular markets such as Google Play and App Store.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use ARgenie! Possibilities for ARgenie usage are endless, and they are envisaged in numerous scenarios such as product promotion and marketing or any other which will benefit the end user by providing the information and content in a real-time that was not available before. ARgenie allows the AR content providers to define information to be displayed when AR markers (e.g. location, face, QR code and image) are detected.

Available ARgenie app templates

BLANK - Create your AR based presentation using all functionalities
BLANK - Create your AR based presentation using all functionalities



You have an idea? Go to ARgenie platform!

App Design

Create amazing AR apps using ARgenie web-based app


Publish public or private AR app for mobile,tablet

Use or Sell

Use the app or sell it on ARgenie market


If you want to create your own AR aplication you can choose between one of pricing models (S, M, L or Custom) and registrer on our ARgenie web portal.

You application will be available to all mobile ARgenie app users if you've chosen the option „Public” after completion of your presentation, accept in the case you've chosen that you app will stay „Private“.

All public ARgenie applications are available at ARgenie MARKET.




By downloading mobile Argenie application from GooglePlay and iTunes, you'll be able to see all public presentations published through the ARgenie web portal.

ARgenie desktop app is optimized to work with the Google Chrome web browser.