• How can I buy credits?

    To initiate purchase you have to be Logged in. By clicking “Buy” (right top corner) you can choose package, and the purchase is provided by in-app purchase - Google Wallet and iOS. Your credit balance will be always visible on ARgenie portal.

  • How to register as a new user?

    By clicking on “Registration” you will be redirected to ARgenie portal in a web browser where you can enter your data. Registration is necessary in order to see private applications.

  • Do I have to install my application each time I initialise it?

    No, once the application is installed it can be initialised without installation, and it will be stored on your mobile device within the list of installed applications.

  • How do initialise the created ARgenie application on a mobile device?

    If the application is not installed on a mobile device, you can select it and choose “Install”. Once the installation is complete, the application will be stored on your mobile device (in the list of installed application) and it will be possible to initialise it each time just by selection. To start the ARgenie application, the Marker is needed. By clicking on “i” - Info Button you will be redirected to the ARgenie website, where you will find the application Marker, printable from the web browser. After this you can scan the Marker with your mobile device and the application will be ready ”for action”. It is possible to avoid printing the Markers (and 'save the trees') if you have another mobile device which can be used for storing/showing the markers.

  • How to find a specific ARgenie application?

    If you are looking for the specific Public application, the easiest way to find it is to type the application name in a Search bar. If the application is Private it will be stored in the Private applications section.

  • What options do I have inside the mobile ARgenie application?

    Mobile ARgenie application enables an overview of all ARgenie applications regardless of their category. The presentation status will be visible if the user is Logged in. Selected application can be installed (or uninstalled) on a mobile device. Detailed overview of the application, i.e. a description of the application and the Marker, is available by clicking on “i” - Info Button which will redirect you to ARgenie website. For the registration purposes you will be redirected to ARgenie portal in web browser.

  • What image formats are supported for AR Models?

    JPG i PNG, Color Mode RGB

  • Can I choose my 3D Model?

    No, it is possible to choose only from available 3D Models.

  • Can I share my application with friends?

    Yes, you can share your application with friends and it will be shown in the list of Private application.

  • Can PHOTO and GREETING CARD template have more slides?

    No, PHOTO and GREETING CARD template can have only one slide.

  • What is the maximum number of slides?

    Maximum number of slides is 15.

  • Can I change the order of slides and update them once the Slide is saved?

    Yes, it is possible to change the order of slides and they can also be updated.

  • Can I save a Slide without Marker?

    No, a Slide without Marker will not be saved. Your presentation will be within the list of presentations, but it won't be valid.

  • Can I have AR Controls beside AR Models on one slide?

    Yes, you can have an unlimited number of AR Controls, whilst you can have only one AR Model per slide.

  • Can I have more AR Models on one slide?

    No, it is possible to have only one AR Model on one slide.

  • What options do I have inside mobile ARgenie application?

    Web ARgenie application enables user registration – Registration; creating and updating user's profile – Profile; overview of presentations from registered users – My Presentations; credit purchase from offered packages – Buy; presentations analytics – Analytics.

  • Is there an available Preview on the web ARgenie portal?

    Design and performance (preview) of your saved ARgenie application can be assessed only through the mobile ARgenie application which is synchronised with ARgenie portal.

  • Which web browsers are supported?

    ARgenie desktop application is optimized to work with the Google Chrome web browser.

  • How do I buy credits?

    By selecting one of available packages S, M, L or Standalone Branded, which are specified here [link], and completing the purchase via PayPal.

  • Can I share my application with users that are not registered?

    Yes, you can. Unregistered users will get the activation link via email. By clicking on the activation link a new user account will be created automatically and password will be sent in a separate e-mail. It will be possible to change the password within the web ARgenie application. NOTE: Unregistered user must have installed the mobile ARgenie application.